How to obtain a USA Membership card

All wrestlers are required to have a valid USA Wrestling Card in order to participate in practice and tournaments. To obtain a card, see detailed instructions below:

Go to

Click on Membership-Purchase a Membership

Below LOGIN button, click on link to set up a new account

  1. Enter your personal information on the form Type of Wrestling is Folkstyle, Freestyle & Greco (depending upon wrestler/season participating)

  2. Click "Create Account" at bottom of form.

  3. You will receive your USA ID number (be sure to write down this number for future reference).

  4. Click to Continue, Select Name of Wrestler under Athlete Info Confirm information is correct, then select

  5. Continue at bottom of page Choose membership type (which is Washington Full Athlete) Select Club- Bad Draw Wrestling Club Select State-Washington Enter Grade and Weight of wrestler Accept Waiver of Liability then click Continue Enter your payment information at Shopping Cart

*Please print 2 copies of the card. Keep one copy for your wrestler. Give other copy to Bad Draw at your FIRST PRACTICE.

To obtain additional copies of the card at a later date:

  1. Login to the membership system at Click “Profile” in the upper right corner of the screen OR in your left menu.

  2. Scroll down to the athlete, coach, and/or official area of your profile.

  3. Click on the red link that says, ‘Print Card’.

Note: It is not necessary to put anything in the card number field to print the card out.